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How a circus performer got back in the ring after losing her lower legs

Watch the extraordinary story of Erin Ball

Aerial Classes

Our aerial classes start with a warm up on the ground and then progress to the equipment. We use aerial fabric, static and dance trapezes and aerial hoops. We work on all skills on fabric close to the ground until students have shown they are ready to go higher. The classes focus on safety and technique.

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We start with a mobility warm up on the ground and movements that are relevant to handstands before moving into inversions. Students are taught ways to practice handstands to gain confidence doing them without their back to a wall. The last part of the class is a combination of active and passive stretching that is relevant to handstands (and general flexibility).

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Partner Acro

Classes start with individual and partner/group warm ups. Skills are practiced in many different orientations and configurations. Working in partners or groups, participants spot, fly and base various skills and progressions depending on experience of class participants.

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Multi-week and drop-in classes available