At Kingston Circus Arts, we strongly believe that circus can be for everyone. We teach circus arts to bodies of all shapes, sizes, ages and situations. We are also proud to offer accessible and progressive challenges for adaptive individuals who are looking to explore the world of circus.

We are a company dedicated to high level instruction and detail in all that we offer. Our current curriculum focuses on aerial arts (fabric/silks, trapeze and aerial hoop), partner acrobatics, handstands, flexibility and conditioning. We offer weekly classes, private lessons, workshops (local and out of city) and private parties.

Kingston Circus Arts also offers professional performances including aerial fabric/silks, duo trapeze, solo dance trapeze, fire hooping, duo hooping and more!

We offer ambient performances including partner acrobatics, hula hooping, poi spinning, tumbling, LED prop manipulation and more.

Erin is on light purple aerial fabric without her lower leg prostheses on. There is an aerial bicycle behind her. The fabric is split into two strands. She has her legs crossed on one strand and it is wrapped around her upper legs. She is holding the other strand in one hand and the other hand is spreading the fabric below her. She is wearing a blue sequinned body suit with an orange top under it and pink feather dusters in her hair.

Erin Ball

Erin Ball is a circus artist and coach based in Kingston, Ontario and she is the owner of Kingston Circus Arts. She is mainly an aerialist but also does some hand balancing. She took a year off in March 2014 due to life changing events that resulted in having both lower legs removed. She has returned to her passion of training, coaching and performing. She loves adapting and creating new/different ways of executing skills. 

Erin loves to move and to connect with others through movement and play. She has worked with many diverse groups of people. In 2017, she developed a workshop and manual, called Flying Footless, a course for aerial coaches working with amputees and aimed at increasing accessibility in circus arts in general. In 2018, she hosted her first amputee circus camp week at Kingston Circus Arts. Erin has taught circus to people with limb differences and various other adaptive individuals across Canada and the USA. 

Erin has many current artistic projects, including her company LEGacy Circus with Vanessa Furlong, various aerial and ground works, and creative audio description projects (to make circus more accessible for the blind and partially-sighted community). Erin regularly collaborates with artists from across Canada and the US, including Femmes du Feu, Heidi Latsky Dance, Anandam Dance, Alex Bulmer, Michele Frances, and many more. 

Erin also writes a column for The Kingston Whig Standard newspaper, called No Feet and a Heartbeat, about life since her accident.

Photo Credit: Craig Meschino

Kathleen is on purple fabric with the fabric wrapped around one foot and one strand in front of her body to lean on. One leg is hanging down in front of her. She is holding on with one hand and the other is extended back towards the foot with the fabric.

Kathleen Ruck

Kathleen has been aerial training with silks, trapeze, and aerial hoop under Erin’s expertise since the Fall of 2010.
She was totally hooked on this powerful new way of staying fit.

After joining the Kingston Circus Arts Performance Team she has been introduced to partner acro and found many of her fears of falling and breaking a bone or two turn into courage and excitement.  Moving into various aspects of the performing world has opened up new dimensions to continuing in this exciting area of circus arts.

“Aerial circus arts is the best way I know how to keep fit and in shape without experiencing boredom.” -Kathy

Photo Credit: Sonya Siemens Photography,
Jane Kirby on aerial rope. The shot is taken from below. Jane's blonde hair is hanging down. She is tipped over the rope by her hips. One leg is straight and the other is bent.

Jane Kirby

Jane is an aerialist specializing in vertical apparatus. She recently returned from an eight month tour of the Southern U.S. and B.C. as an aerialist with the Caravan Stage Company’s original production Nomadic Tempest. She began her circus training and performance career with Halifax Circus, has performed frequently across Ontario and Nova Scotia, and has trained with several top coaches in Montreal, Toronto and Vermont. She now mostly creates her own work, often in collaboration with her partner under the name Lowlit Aerial Arts ( Recent works include In Defense of Libraries (Nocturne Halifax 2016), Beneath Our Feet (Kick & Push Theatre Festival 2016) and echolocation (Skeleton Park Arts Festival 2015, In the Soil Arts Festival 2015, Contemporary Circus Arts Festival of Toronto 2014). Jane has been teaching aerial arts since 2011, and has completed Introductory Aerials and Foundation Level Trapeze and Fabric teacher training courses through the New England Centre for Circus Arts. When not in the air Jane is also a non-fiction writer, and published her first book in 2017. She is thrilled to be back teaching and training with the Kingston Circus Arts community!

Sydney performing a split balance, with her legs wrapped around the silks and her arms in the air, balancing in the splits.

Sydney Price

Sydney is currently an engineering student at Queen’s University.

Growing up in Vancouver, she trained as a gymnast from the age of 3. After trying out a circus class seven years ago, she decided to switch from gymnastics to circus. Over these seven years, she has trained and coached multiple different pieces of apparatus, including aerial silks, hoop and trapeze.

Sydney loves to teach others and spread her knowledge of various skills. She is extremely excited to have the opportunity to coach and train with Kingston Circus Arts.

A headshot of Kristine. She is wearing a pink and blue bodysuit, with pink around her eyes and a smile. There is a downtown street visible but blurred in the background.

Kristine Hains

Kristine has been enjoying Circus Arts since 2011 under the wonderful tutelage of Erin Ball in Kingston, Ontario. She has had the pleasure of experiencing aerial silks, fixed trapeze, corde lisse (rope), sling and aerial hoop. She is also accumulating experience in partner acro and hula hooping.

Kristine has a background in dance, primarily classical Ballet including pointe work as well as jazz and character dance. She is also an enthusiastic participant in Pole Fitness.

After joining the Kingston Circus Arts Performance Team, she has continually amazed herself with abilities she did not know she possessed. The phrase “I can’t believe I did that” is uttered more frequently than one would think. As a member of the coaching team, she looks forward to sharing her love of Circus Arts with new students.

A photo of Karen from the chest and up. She is wearing dark rimmed glasses and smiling. She has long brown hair and is wearing a floral print top.

Karen Raddon

Circus Bio Karen’s passion for circus arts began six years ago when she met a woman performing and selling hula hoops at the great globe garage sale in Ottawa. After a summer of independent exploration with the hoop she was blessed to meet Erin Ball who expanded her circus world to include silks, aerial hoop, fire hula hoop and partner acrobatics. She has performance experience will all of these apparatuses.

Outside of circus Karen is a massage therapist and parent of a busy toddler. Since becoming a parent Karen developed an interested in the value of play and movement based connection games on parent child attachment. Circus is a perfect modality for young children and babies with their parents or caregivers to keep building their foundation of trust, connection and joy; this is the basis of the Parent and Child Circus Class.

Karen has found that one of the best things about circus is how it helps people do what they think they cannot, making what seems impossible possible. Once we have had this experience a few times our world begins to open up and we can think more creatively, dream bigger and try more.

A photo of Emma wearing a floral bathing cap, upside down, arms by her ears, mouth open, on aerial silks. She is wearing a bathing suit, arched back, and the lighting is purple and pink.

Emma Aslett

Emma is a university student studying math, and she’s always dreamed of running away to join the circus. Naturally, when she found out about Kingston Circus Arts she couldn’t wait to sign up. Since then she has worked hard as a student under Erin Ball and a member of the performance team, her first circus family.

Emma was delighted by the beauty and challenge of the aerial silks, which then lead her to expand her learning to trapeze, partner acrobatics, hooping and clown. She is excited to open the doors to this experience for others as a member of the coaching team. In the summer of 2018 Emma will be coaching the KCA summer camps.

A photo of Olga from the waist up. She is wearing a teal sparkly bodysuit and matching feathery eyebrows. She has long dark hair that is pulled back and there is a street behind her with tents.

Olga Xenodochidou

Olga always loved gymnastics and dancing, but she never had the opportunity to be involved with these as a young girl. Olga has some background in modern dance from when she was an undergraduate student in Greece. She always loved movement and exercising and when her friend Kristine introduced her to aerial circus arts in 2012, Olga was more than thrilled and she immediately fell in love with her new passion – dancing in the air.

There was a hiatus during the period 2013 – 2015 when Olga got pregnant and became a mom. Despite her busy life with a toddler and her part time teaching position at Queen’s University, she came back with more determination to become stronger and continue the exploration of the fascinating world of Aerial Arts. In 2015 she started training in pole fitness and in January 2017 she became a member of the Kingston Circus Arts Performance Team. Olga dedicates plenty of hours a week in training and exploring both the aerial apparatuses as well as acrobatics and hooping. Since 2017 she performed in various events with the performance team under the guidance of her instructor and coach Erin Ball.

Photo Credit: Chris Stroesser