This course is for aerial coaches who are working with or want to be working with amputees. This course focuses on lower extremity amputees. The focus is on aerial fabric skills, though some sling, trapeze, aerial hoop and rope considerations and techniques are covered.

You will learn how to safety and confidently spot and work with amputees in the air. The course covers terminology, different set ups for prosthetic limbs and how they affect aerial arts, warm ups, spotting amputees, modifications and specific skills created for amputees (by amputees), conditioning for the lower body, stretching and much more.

There is a manual (discounted with the course) to go along with the course and a video resource library (both for a separate fee). Included in the course is continuing support and a mention on the Kingston Circus Arts website so that amputees across the globe can find teachers who are trained to work with them.

Flying Footless Teacher Directory

Jane Kirby
Kingston, Ontario

Kathleen Ruck
Kingston, Ontario

Kristine Hains
Kingston, Ontario

Talia Penachetti
Kingston, Ontario

“I had the absolute pleasure of participating in Erin Ball’s first Flying Footless workshop yesterday. We worked through a ton of useful information on modifying skills and spotting techniques for lower leg amputees, but I also walked away with a much better understanding of how to work with students with all kinds of different bodies and strengths. I know that working with this material will make me a better coach not only for disabled people, but for all people, period. If you have the chance to take this workshop or bring it to your studio I highly recommend it (the manual is also a wealth of information all on its own).”

Jane Kirby, Lowlit Aerial Arts

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